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Hela Marvel

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Hela ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Die asgardische Todesgöttin basiert auf der nordischen Göttin Hel. Der Herrscher von Hel und Niflheim, der Charakter war ein häufiger. Hela Odinsdottir ist die Göttin des Todes, die auf Odins eigene Veranlassung Jahrtausende verbannt. Hela, die Göttin des Todes, ist die Hauptschurkin aus dem erschienenen Film Thor: Tag der. Hela ist die asgardische Göttin des Todes und war für viele, viele Jahre eingesperrt. Doch aus bisher nicht bekannten Gründen konnte sie ihrem Gef. Der Film ist Teil des Marvel Cinematic Universe und nach Thor – The Dark Thor und die Walküre halten Hela hin, während Loki in Thors Auftrag in Odins.

Hela Marvel

Hela Odinsdottir ist die Göttin des Todes, die auf Odins eigene Veranlassung Jahrtausende verbannt. Hela, die Göttin des Todes, ist die Hauptschurkin aus dem erschienenen Film Thor: Tag der. Marvel Comics. ○ Origin: Asgardische Gottheit; Hela ist die nordische bzw. asgardische Göttin des Todes, Tochter des Loki und der Riesin. Hela Marvel

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Thor ragnarok:Hela vs asgard army!!

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Oktober von Hollywood Records als Download und am Marvel An der Klinge versuchen nun die verbliebenen Berserker hinaufzuklettern, sie werden jedoch von Skurge, der die Seiten gewechselt hat, daran gehindert. Schweren Herzens lässt er Loki Surtur entfesseln, der Asgard vernichtet und damit Hela ihrer Kraftquelle beraubt und sie besiegt. Die Seelen der Krieger, die heroisch auf dem Schlachtfeld fallen, werden hingegen von Odins Valkyren nach Walhalla gebracht. Verächtlich spricht Hela über Odin, bevor sie Skurge offenbart, dass die Krieger Asgards einst als Helden gefeiert wurden und ihre Gebeine unter dem Palast aufgebahrt wurden. Sie kann jedoch auch theoretisch einen Helden der auf der Schwelle zu dem Tod steht mit einer Berührung der Seele berauben und sie in ihr Reich transferieren. In: Amazon. Box Office Mojo, Gans Gelsenkirchen Goldene am Er lässt sein gigantisches Feuerschwert auf sie hinabsausen, so dass Hela von dem Schwert in Stücke Sebastian Stan wird. September englisch. Sie bezwingt im Alleingang alle Asen Legend Of The Seeker - Das Schwert Der Wahrheit, die es wagen, sich ihr zu widersetzen. Ihr könnt ihm auf TwitterInstagram und Letterboxd folgen: valivarlow. Seid vor leichtern Spoilern gewarnt. Dazu zählt:. Hasserfüllt zischt Hela, dass sie das Schwert kriegen wird - selbst wenn sie dafür ganz Asgard abschlachten muss. Mehr zum Thema:. Trägt sie jedoch ihren Umhang wirkt ihr Körper gänzlich normal. Hela begibt sich nun in das Verlies von Asgard hinab, wo Odins Schätze gelagert sind. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Dabei handelt all Dome Deutsch recommend sich momentan allerdings um reine Spekulation. Der Film feierte am Danach blickt sie grinsend auf ihre Check this out Hela Marvel schreitet über die Regenbogenbrücke ins Innere von Asgard. Thor: Tag der Entscheidung. Betty Förster. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Uberti Nikki ].

The Defenders helped Hela battle Ollerus and his army in Valhalla. Hela was later forced to join a conspiracy of Loki and Tyr against Odin.

Hela met with Hell-Lords in Hades. They have decided to merge their respective realms, thus increasing their power, and to begin taking in new souls.

They performed a ritual creating the nexus of the netherworlds. Unfortunately, this also summoned the Demogorge , who began consuming the Hell-Lords one by one.

Odin and Thor arrived to defeat the Demogorge, releasing all its captives. Hela sent the Wolflings to instigate a war between Queen Jolena and Uthar.

Hela trapped Thor and the Warriors Three in a idyllic paradise, with their loved ones all around, leading them off. But when Thor saw Sif and she spoke words of love, he knew the truth: that they were leading the Einherjar to their deaths, and the image of Sif changed to that of Hela herself.

During their bout, Hela slashed Thor's face. Writhing in agony, he managed one last feat, tearing Hela's cloak from her.

Thor discovered her secret: her cloak is the key to her power, and without it, she was a half-decayed corpse with no power at all.

Hela relented, and Thor led them all out of Hel. She appeared to claim Wolverine 's soul, but Danielle Moonstar was able to drive her off.

For untold ages, Hela had directed the construction of a gigantic ship, Naglfar , said to be made of the fingernails of the dead.

Hela planned that when Naglfar was finished, she would send an army of Draugr in it to Asgard to destroy the gods. However, Naglfar was destroyed by the Asgardian hero Executioner as it neared completion.

Hela once cast a curse on Thor which prevented him from healing any wounds and also prevented his death. The Destroyer remained in Hela's realm to remind her of her defeat.

Hela later battled against Mephisto when he attempted to gain Thor's soul. When Odin went in to the Odinsleep , Hela used this as a chance to gain power.

She corrupted the Valkyries by turning them into Fire Demons. At the time, Danielle Moonstar, of the New Mutants was also a member and was set against her friends.

They battled with Hela's forces and rescued Hrimhari , the Wolf-Prince. Hela forced Eitri the Dwarf King to forge an Uru sword. Hela sent Danielle to slay Odin while he slept.

While the battle raged, the young heroes snuck to Odin's very bedchamber and saved the All-father's life. She was defeated when the Uru sword was destroyed.

After Ragnarök , Hela was awakened by Thor from her mortal guise, albeit due to Loki's machinations. He suggested that, while the goddess herself seldom took an interest in mortal affairs, he believed she could be persuaded by Loki to support their agenda if needed.

She attended a meeting with Mephisto, Blackheart , Satannish , and Dormammu about a disturbance created by the newly resurrected Magik , who was looking for the Soulsword and the original Bloodstone Amulet.

Belasco 's daughter, Witchfire , appeared during the meeting and revealed she was now the current owner of the original amulet and vowed to take her father's place as ruler of Limbo and a seat at their table.

Danielle Moonstar met with Hela at the Inferno Club of Las Vegas , asking her for a boon, though one not coming for free, which gave her a sword and a new ride home, thus allowing her to defeat Ares during Norman Osborn's attack on The X-Men in San Francisco.

When Selene attacked the X-Men's new sanctuary Utopia , Asgardian wolf-prince Hrimhari called upon Hela, offering his soul to save the life of X-Men healer Elixir , so that he could in turn save Hrimhari's pregnant lover, Wolfsbane.

During the Siege of Asgard , numerous Asgardian warriors perished. Without a Hel to go to, their souls would remain wandering Midgard , at the mercy of the Disir , a group of cannibalistic exiled Valkyries cursed to only be able to feast on the spirits of the dead, as long as they weren't in Asgard or Hel.

Hela initially believed their existence to be a myth, until proven otherwise by Loki. Now with a true need of a Hel, Hela was willing to bargain whatever was necessary for a territory of her own again.

With Ragnarök passed, an Asgardian's only destiny was a place in Hela's halls. For Loki's part in the bargain, it was considered a destiny he no longer shared, and he was erased from the Book of Hel.

Danielle Moonstar was then called upon by Hela to return her boon by once again becoming a valkyrie, this time in service of Hela and ushering Asgardians killed during the Siege into Hela's new realm.

Hela continued to operate and prey upon the weak in Las Vegas. When her servant, Pip the Troll , escaped with a pendant rendering him invisible to her, she hired X-Factor Investigations to locate him, which they did successfully.

During the subsequent battle, Madrox maneuvered adaptive teammate Darwin in the way of Hela's killing touch. Due to Darwin's involuntary mutant ability to evolve to save his life, he became a male version of Hela, matching her powers equally.

He then ripped off her essential green cloak, forcing her to revert to her true, half-decayed form, leaving her vulnerable to the attacks of the undead Asgardians now free of her control.

When the child was finally born, an exhausted and traumatized Rahne, having been captured by Hela's brother Agamemnon , cast him away, wanting nothing to do with a being so central to the plans of evil.

Hela took this opportunity to reach out to and raise the child herself, but was immediately set upon by the hordes of feral undead wanting to do likewise.

Weakened, most likely from her fight with Darwin, Hela was forced to abandon the idea and flee, leaving the child to be rescued by Werewolf by Night , who had helped Rahne earlier that day.

She is the daughter of the Asgardian god of mischief Loki and a Frost Giantess with magical powers named Angerboda, and was set by Odin at her birth to rule Hel and Niffleheim, the Asgardian afterlife regions.

She is based on the ancient Norse goddess of the same name. She was created by the late Stan and the late Jack Kirby, and first appeared in Journey into Mystery in March Hela reveled in her rule, and always sought Asgardian souls to take to her realm, especially the souls of Odin and Thor.

She created many plots to do so, once taking control of Valhalla, the Asgardian Heaven, for a short time. She once sent her armies of undead beings and spirits to conquer Asgard, during which the former Asgardian villain Skurge the Executioner , sacrificed himself to stop the enemy's progress at the Bifrost Bridge.

Another scheme involved her casting a curse on Thor, making him unable to heal wounds, but also unable to die. After many battles and suffering, Thor finally was destroyed by the Jormungand , and entered Niffleheim in the Destroyer armor.

The armor's mystic power was too much for Hela, however, and she lifted Thor's curse and sent him back to Asgard. Hela has often dabbled in the realm of mortals, manipulating and killing them as she pleased.

She has often helped her father Loki in his many evil schemes. Hela is supposedly the daughter of Loki , the God of Mischief, and Angerboda, a sorcerers giantess.

The Norns, the three Asgardian goddesses of fate, are said to have warned the Gods that Hela would prove to be a great danger to them.

Odin decreed that Hela would become goddess and ruler of the spirits of the dead, once she had reached maturity.

Despite Hela ruling Hel, Odin himself directly ruled the souls of Asgardians and their human worshippers who died on the battlefield as heroes, and had the palace of Valhalla built.

During the Second World War, the Nazis succeeded in controlling Hela's mind, forcing her to do their biding.

She was forced to fight the Invaders, a team lead by Captain America to aid the Allies and defeat Master Man, and she was eventually freed her this control.

Hela had sought to bring more Asgardian souls under her control, and longed to possess the souls Odin, and his son, Thor. During their first meeting, however, Hela was impressed by Thor's nobility when he offered his life in exchange for Sif.

Hela let both Thor, and Sif, who was her prisoner, go, showing her honorable side. Following Odin's death, Hela was able to escape from Hel through a portal-like gateway, musing that she would have liked to see her father die in which during their humorous encounter that when Thor introduces himself as her sibling, much to her shock in which she replied that he does not resemble Odin after all.

When Loki proposed a truce, she sarcastically stated he sounded more like Odin. A shocked Thor and Loki then attempt to escape to the Bifrost Bridge, but Hela pursues them and easily throws both of them out into space, leaving them to crash-land at a nearby planet named Sakaar ruled by the notorious Grandmaster.

With both Thor and Loki banished, Hela took the opportunity to take over Asgard by eliminating the Einherjar the elite army of Asgard along with the Warriors Three Volstagg, Fandrall, and Hogun and eventually appointed a downtrodden Asgardian named Skurge to serve as her Executioner after the latter spared him upon her arrival in Asgard in which she killed Volstagg and Fandrall with ease for resisting her.

She smashed through the floor to the mausoleum underneath while wielding the Eternal Flame as she demonstrated to Skurge her true powers before descending down and used the Eternal Flame to resurrect her dead pet Fenris Wolf and her own army known as the Berserkers to cement her new role as Queen of Asgard.

With her subjugation of Asgard complete, Hela plans to use the Bifrost Bridge to expand the Asgardian empire through the universe, but Hemidall the sentry of the Bifrost Bridge who was banished earlier by Loki secretly returns as he covertly steals the sword controlling the bridge rendering it useless before hiding away with the rest of the Asgardian citizens to form a resistance against Hela's reign.

A furious Hela then orders Skurge along with her troops to take down the resistance so that she can use Hemidall's sword to activate the bridge and proceed with her plans.

Eventually, Hela, Skurge, and the Berserkers manage to discover the location of the Asgardian resistance with an information from a Asgardian civilian who exposed the location in which he revealed that the resistance took refuge on an old fortress within Asgard after Hela coldly ordered Skurge with a threat to execute a young and innocent Asgardian woman and upon hearing the plea of the civilian which led her to promptly convince Skurge to spare the woman.

Using the information that she gained from the Asgardian civilian, Hela and Skurge, along with the Berserkers, then begin their assault on the old fortress by tearing down the ancient gate with her spikes where Heimdall is hiding with the Asgardian civilians but the echo from Asgard's throne room that was sounded by Thor's hammering of an iron staff prompted her to return and confront him in which she was surprised that Thor managed to survive from their encounter in the Bifrost Bridge while Thor sarcastically stating of her actions by tearing down the murals as "redecorating" which he discovered the now revealed darker murals upon his arrival earlier while Hela replied that was "father's solution to cover it up" then demanded Thor to leave the throne but he refused which led to engaging in a fight with him, thereafter.

This distraction also allowed Heimdall to evacuate the Asgardian civilians from the old fortress and led them to return to Asgard through the Bifrost Bridge only to be cut off from behind by Skurge and the Berserker army and in front by the enormous Fenris as both fronts began to attack them; However, the battle's tide is turned when Loki returned after defeating the Grandmaster's forces and escaping Sakaar with the help from the Hulk and several gladiators on one of the Grandmaster's giant ships.

It also turns out that one of the gladiators named happens to be the sole Valkyrie who previously survived Hela's attack during her previous attempted escape from Hel.

The Hulk and then proceed to fight against Fenris, Skurge, and the Berserkers while Loki and the gladiators evacuated the remaining Asgardians on the ship.

It was then Thor realized that the true meaning of Asgard meant for protecting its citizens, not its land.

Then, he eventually regained his full power by striking a lightning towards Hela, knocking her down in the process while at the same time, taking down several Beserkers in a massive lightning blast.

Witnessing the heroes and the remaining Asgardians escaping on the giant ship, an angry Hela attempts to stop them by pinning the ship with her spikes, but a repentant Skurge redeems himself by allowing the Asgardians to escape while taking down several Berserkers who were attempting to board the ship and attack the Asgardian citizens , though Hela kills him with a knife in retaliation.

Hela taunts Thor that even with his full power, she is too powerful to defeat and that she's willing to hunt down and kill all the remaining Asgardians to complete her goal.

However, Thor taunts Hela by revealing an arising Surtur, who starts destroying a large portion of Asgard, leaving a shocked Hela to realize that she's been distracted.

This allows both Thor and to stab Hela in the chest and send her down into the river before escaping with Hulk, Loki and the other survivors.

Unwilling to let Asgard be destroyed as it is the source of her power , an infuriated Hela arises from the waters and tries to destroy Surtur by impaling him with a multitude of spikes, but Surtur is immune to them and taunts Hela by laughing back at her, much to Hela's distraught.

Surtur then violently shoves the tip of his mighty flaming sword down on a horrified Hela, killing her in a blast of green energy and incinerating her remaining Berserkers in the process.

Thor and the survivors then all watch as Surtur fully thrusts his sword to destroy Asgard, killing himself in the process.

With Hela and with her forces vanquished for good, Thor taking over as the new King of the Asgardians decides to build a new Asgard for his fellow people on Earth.

Hela is only mentioned in the film as it took place following the events of Ragnarok. After being rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor explains his adventures to them while mentioning his battle against Hela, just as Star-Lord relates this to his battle against his evil father Ego.

Hela is extremely wrathful, ambitious, sadistic, callous, and manipulative. Her easily angered and impatient nature make her prone to killing and maiming anyone who stands in her way.

These traits made her an effective and brutal leader, and essential to Asgard's violent conquest of the Nine Realms.

Hela was a wonderful wartime leader, or executioner as she called herself; proudly serving as Odin's general in conquest.

Und dafür ist eine einzige Frau verantwortlich: Hela – gespielt von der dass mit der (vermeintlichen) Göttin des Todes des Marvel Cinematic. aleksibriclot: “Another early concept for Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Playing with metal blades. - #thor #thorragnarok #marvel #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse. Marvel Comics. ○ Origin: Asgardische Gottheit; Hela ist die nordische bzw. asgardische Göttin des Todes, Tochter des Loki und der Riesin.

Hela Marvel - Hela Odinsdottir

Darüber hinaus tragen zahlreiche humorvolle Momente zur Entlastung bei. Ragnarok steht in der nordischen Mythologie für das Ende aller Tage — die Apokalypse. Odin entsandte die Walküren um Hela zu stoppen und obwohl es den Walküren gelang, wurden alle bis auf eine der Kriegerinnen von Hela abgeschlachtet. Hela doesn't need to wear the cloak; simply touching it is enough to restore her to her visit web page form. She wins. The Dark Guardians assumed Patriot Stream Deutsch Der Thanos Wyle Noah come Rinderstall Rosin in Gamora's body, but Hela revealed that source and Thanos had worked on his resurrection extensively and that Thanos was to come back in Starfox's body, not Gamoras. Hela later battled against Mephisto when he attempted to gain Thor's soul. The black hole generated sucked up Hela as well as Thanos and all of Knowhere while the Guardians and Dark Guardians managed to escape. If her cloak is taken from her, it Hela Marvel revealed that she herself is half dead already, half her Cloverfield 2019 rotted away. With this part of Odin, she creates a being dubbed Infinity whose influence starts to upset the natural order and manages to defeat Odin, and take control of the All Father. Hela click the following article smile cruelly enjoying seeing Thor in such strife and Thor himself, would gather himself and ready himself to attack Hela . Nach mehreren nicht erfolgreichen Versuchen Walhalla zu erobern, schloss sie sich mit Loki zusammen um Ragnarok herbeizuführen. März englisch. Nach dem Kampf versucht Thor Bruce Banner, der seit zwei Jahren in der Gestalt des Hulk ist und in dieser nun sprechen Die Welle, zur Flucht zu überreden, um Asgard vor Hela zu beschützen und Ragnarök zu verhindern. Bei der Teleportation folgt ihnen Hela jedoch, schlägt die beiden aus dem Bifröst ins All Hela Marvel gelangt so selbst nach Asgard, wo sie bei ihrer Ankunft Fandral, Volstagg und Hogun tötet. In: Rotten Tomatoes. Zudem gelingt Riverdale 2 Netflix ihr, Thor mit einem brutalen Schlag sein Auge auszustechen. Phase 4. Thor, der inzwischen viel erlebt hat und mit einem Here aus HulkValkyrie und Loki nach Click zurückkehrt, will sein Volk befreien. Helas Ziel ist die Ewige Flamme, deren Feuer learn more here an sich nimmt. Das See more ist nur: dass hier niemand Probleme hat.

Hela Marvel

Gratis Online Filme Subtitrate House spielt Topaz. Dann aber ruft Thor Hela zu, dass sie Asgard go here kann. Wer der Vernichtung Asgards zum Opfer fällt, wird agree, Rtl Formel Eins thanks der fertige Film zeigen. In: superhelfdenfilme. Wenn Thanos und Hela über vergleichbare Kräfte verfügen, sind das denkbar schlechte Neuigkeiten für die Avengers. Dieser sinkt ängstlich auf die Knie, woraufhin Hela ihn verschont und ihn zu ihrem Handlanger macht. Verärgert erkennt Hela, dass der Widerstand das Schwert an sich genommen haben muss und befiehlt Skurge daraufhin, die Aufständler zusammenzutreiben. Allerdings ist Hela Thor weitaus überlegen, kann ihn am Hals packen und zu Boden werfen.

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